Practice Areas

CLC provides premium legal services in areas of Employment Law, Real Estate Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Employment Law

CLC advises employers on compliance with state and federal laws involving discrimination, harassment and compensation to help prevent legal disputes before they arise. When employment disputes must be resolved in court, our attorney has the knowledge and skills to litigate on behalf of employers and employees.

Real Estate Law

Our attorney provides representation in residential and commercial real estate disputes, including litigation. CLC also represents clients in real estate transactions.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

CLC's attorney is knowledgable and experienced in ADR methods. He advises on ADR procedures such as mediation, arbitration, negotiation, and mini-trials. CLC also provides mediation services for general civil matters.


Daimeon Cotton, Esq.

Managing Attorney

Daimeon Cotton has built his experience in a broad range of legal services. As an advisor and litigator, he has represented companies and individuals in commercial matters and disputes. Mr. Cotton has also facilitated resolutions between disputants in general civil matters as a mediator.

Mr. Cotton concentrates his practice in areas of Employment Law, Real Estate Litigation and Transactions, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Offering premium legal services, Mr. Cotton aims to prevent legal disputes, resolve legal disputes efficiently, and add value to his clients.